The Review of “The Maze Runner: Trial by fire”

Fantasy, Action, Thriller
United States / September 17, 2015
Director: Wes Ball
Rating the IMDb: 6.4

A step forward in the race among anti utopian teen franchises.

“The Maze Runner. Trial by Fire “UESS Boll took a step forward in the race among anti utopian teen franchises, but further movement is necessary to clarify certain aspects of the picture.

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and his friends, finding a way out of the maze, fall into the hands of the military group, headed by Jenson (Aidan Gillen), who promises to help children escape from the medical organization WICKED. But the curious and incredulous Thomas discovers that he lied, and know that their blood is what will save the world from a virus that turns people into shizov (in short, a zombie). But the process of extraction of this medication is not quite like the leader of the runners, and he and his companions left the shelter. The children are selected out and faced with even greater challenges. On the way to the rebel group, which is opposed to physicians of the vices, they have to overcome the parched sand dunes, do not give zombakov bite himself to escape from a gang of mercenaries and not to fall into the hands of the military medical organization.


Immediately it is worth noting that the film’s screenwriter Thomas Nowlin made great adjustments in the second part of the book of James Dashner, based on which was filmed “The Maze Runner”. This is good – the plot of “Test” found at least some sense and logic, otherwise feyspalm could not be avoided. Nowlin do a good job, but the claim is still there. He failed to convincingly articulate the background of the Earth catastrophe that threatens the survival of humanity. Super ozone hole? The sharp deterioration of the Earth’s atmosphere? The unprecedented solar flare? Gad themselves. In the film, the story of the development and spread of the deadly virus is very vague, it seems almost speculative.

The differences in the first and second chapter of films are important. If the “Labyrinth” – a chamber space with a clever walls on all sides and biotechnology robots, the “Test” – a big world with lots of exclusive locations, each of which in its own way is amazing. For the sake of entertainment sequel budget rose to 34 million dollars to 64. It is difficult to define the genre of painting. There are elements of science fiction, you can also see the confrontation with zombies (something between “Warm Bodies” and “War of the Worlds Z»), as well as ruined cities of disaster movies. For this reason, the film loses integrity.

The characters are the main characters of “Labyrinth” received no development. In addition, the authors throw up a couple more new faces. This silent Aris (Loflend Jacob), who reveals himself only in the beginning of the film and its end. Savvy mob boss Jorge, played by Giancarlo Esposito, and his young protégé Brenda (Rosa Salazar). The highlight of this caste becomes acting leader of the military group devilishly charismatic villain Jenson (Aiden Gillen), received great fame for his role as Petyr Baelish of “Game of Thrones.” Among the runners still stands Dylan O’Brien, who shines only because the others are the same “gray”. Easy to character development, despite the fact that the film lasts more than two hours due to the fact that the director Wes Ball and his team have made a bet on the action scenes and the introduction of the scene, which really catchy and addictive.

The technical side of the picture is clearly dominated by the script. Special effects, sets, costumes, make-up – all harmoniously combined. The first half of the movie sucked into a whirlpool of action-intense scenes from the shoots, dropping the shackles of the mind to wake gamut of emotions and feelings, and give a little cool in the second. Soap plot bubble inflated smoothly and only breaks in the end, so the interest in the film remains up to the credits. A bit annoying but obscure and sometimes unnecessary dialogues, which decided to “spice up” jokes.

In general, the sequel to “Trial by Fire” was spectacular and dynamic, but left a lot of questions that we will surely get the answers in the latter part of the tape with the title “The cure for death.”

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