Review of the Film : Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein

Horror, Science Fiction, Drama
US / November 26, 2015 / 109 min
Director: Paul McGuigan
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Andrew Scott, James McAvoy, Jessica Brown-Findlay, Charles Dance, Mark Geytiss Lou Brealey, Daniel Mays
Rating on IMDb: 6.0

The film directed by Paul McGuigan, like Frankenstein’s monster, was soulless.
The story originates in Victorian London. There we are introduced to the ring circus freak (Daniel Radcliffe), who along with the deformed body has an incredible mind in the field of medicine. He miraculously saves a flying gymnast Lorelei (Jessica Brown Findlay) from certain death. The eyewitness of this act becomes a rich medical student Victor  Frankenstein (James McAvoy), obsessed with the concept of the “creation of life from nonliving matter.” He rescues the hunchback from the circus, takes him to his home, literally helps him to his feet, giving him the name of Igor. With him Frankenstein tries to correct the phenomenon of death.

The film kicks off a bright, elegant, hopefully. Here, in all respects a good start, but the middle sags and the end is disappointing. Scenario it is clearly lacking in ingenuity. In “Victor Frankenstein” almost no suspense scenes, but there is humor, which is completely neglected attempt to make the atmosphere even for a fraction of a grim (to justify the paragraph “horrors” in the genre). As a result, in both aspects proved a disadvantage.


Special criticism deserve operators and editors “Frankenstein.” Badly mounted EKS-box are a source of negative emotions. Chore, molestation, boredom – that is what is felt in the most active scenes pictures. In some scenes the creators as “tried” that turned full confusion. Even with very strong concentration is unlikely to succeed dismantle what is happening on the screen.

Against this background the minus very, very worthy acts cast castes. Tandem McAvoy and Radcliffe surely has to itself. The organic combination of the characters of the characters has allowed the actors to give a brilliant performance. James with his charisma and expression beautifully depicted monstrous genius scientist Victor, while Daniel was able to bring to the screen an emotionally restrained and suspiciousness assistant Igor, who looked no less successful in the role of the hunchback. This contrast only adds to the emotional perception of their games. Andrew Scott (Moriarty from the TV series “Sherlock”) is not inferior, sometimes even replay the duo as Constable Turpin.

One of the most memorable and vivid scenes becomes bolivar between Victor and Turpin – apologists of science and religion. Their dispute became a highlight of the picture. Yes, perhaps these philosophical issues regarding human attempts to take over the function of God, desire for knowledge, not limited by ethical considerations become obsolete in the XIX century, but McEvoy and Scott made a truly outstanding verbal Battle.

However, this emotional ardor damped due to miserable end with wooden revived monster in a rather familiar castle. Most likely, this is the most miserable creature ever created in the film adaptations of “Frankenstein.” You can draw a parallel between the film itself – both were cut from different fragments. If the monster rises from the dead after a lightning strike, the “Victor Frankenstein” remains in a comatose state, despite the best efforts of the team of performers.

The picture most likely to appeal to those who are not intimately familiar with the story of Frankenstein and classics lovers picture may disappoint.

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